Tonneau Covers

Tonneau covers are used to protect the contents of the bed of a pickup truck from weather and provide a layer of security. There are several types of covers made from various materials, and we classify them into 2 general types, hard and soft.

Here is what you need to know about the different types of truck bed tonneau covers:


Type ONE: Solid One piece. This cover works much like the trunk of a vehicle. It is essentially a large lid that is opened from the rear of the truck and opens at an angle. See and compare solid one piece covers here.

Type TWO: Folding Hard Cover. This cover is typically constructed of sheets of aluminum, fiberglass, or composite panels that sandwich a piece of hard foam to form panels that fold up to allow use of the truck bed if desired. See and compare folding hard covers here.

Type THREE: Roll Top Hard CoverThis type of cover is typically made of aluminum slats that roll or coil up into a canister, where the cover is contained and stored when open. See and compare roll top covers here.

Type FOUR: Panel Type Hard Cover. This cover is comprised of several panels that can be completely or partially removed in order to allow access to the truck bed. See and compare panel type hard covers here.


Type FOUR: Roll Top Soft Cover

Type FIVE: Tri-Fold Soft Cover