Ford Cab Terms


Since 2004, The Ford F150 has maintained its 3 cab styles very similar in style, function and name. The new 2015 F150 is currently available in Regular Cab, Super Cab, and Super Crew models. Despite Chevy’s joining the ranks of Toyota and Ram by adding a fully functioning conventional rear door on their Double Cab Silverado model, Ford has kept the much anticipated 2015 F150’s mid-sized cab style, the Super Cab, as a suicide style door which requires the front door to be opened in order to function. This is perhaps because Ford sells far more Super Crews than any other of their cab styles, which therefore does not warrant a body change for their mid-sized cab model.

FORD F250/F350

Since 1999, The Ford F250/F350 has maintained the same cab styles and as their F150 models. However, the terminology they use for the largest 4 full door cab style is called Crew Cab instead of Super Crew. Therefore, their cab lineup consists of the Regular Cab, Super Cab, and Crew Cab. The newly styled 2017 model is expected to maintain the same cab styles and names as before.


The Ford Ranger was offered in two different cab sizes, the 2-door Regular Cab and the Super Cab. Initially, the Ranger was deigned with a rear door that did not open. However, in mid-1998 the Ranger was offered with a rear door on their Super Cab models. It functioned just like the Super Cabs on the F150 and F250/F350, with a rear suicide-style door that required the front door to be open for it to function. No other cab styles were ever offered. The Ford Ranger was discontinued for the US market 2011, but there are rumors that it will return to the US in 2017 or 2018 due to the increasing demand for mid-sized trucks.