Nissan Cab Terms


Nissan’s much anticipated 2016 all-new body style Titan XD pickup is being offered in a crew cab, or 4 full door, model only. Nissan has done away with the King cab for now, but they may offer it again soon on future year models. The Titan XD is also only offered in a 6.5′ bed configuration.

From 2004 to 2015, Nissan’s Titan body style remained unchanged. That goes the same for the Cab sizes. The Titan was offered in 2 cab sizes, the King Cab and the Crew Cab. Rightly so, a Regular Cab version was never offered since the demand for regular cab trucks has been waning since the turn of the century. Much like the Ford F150 Supercab, The King Cab’s suicide style doors required the front door to be open in order for it to function.